One Strike Filler

One Strike Filler

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A revolutionary filler formulated using lightweight polymer bubbles that fills most holes and cracks, even deep holes, in just one quick application with no need for secondary filling to level off as One Strike will not shrink, sag or crack. One Strike Filler finishes smooth, requiring little or no sanding and can be ready to paint in approximately 30 minutes.

Can be used for repairs to plaster, wood, brick, stone, and rendering.


Surfaces must be clean and dry. Stir One Strike to a smooth paste. If product is dry, add a few drops of water and re-stir. Apply using a flexible filler knife, smoothing down to achieve a perfect surface that won’t need sanding.

When filling a large surface area, it may not always be possible to achieve a completely level finish. However, One Strike is very easy to sand if necessary.

Deep holes up to 75mm can be filled in one application with no need to build up in separate layers.


One Strike can be papered over, or painted over with surface water-based paints as soon as the surface is dry – about 30 minutes – depending on depth and drying conditions. When using oil based paints allow 12 hours to dry.


Do not use in areas subject to continuous water immersion.

If used externally, over painting is essential.

Do not use for structural repairs or to screw or nail into

Do not allow water contact within 24 hours of application

Absorbtion of paint on the filler may be different to surrounding areas. If filler shows through after painting, simply apply further coats

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