Wallrock Fibreliner 150

Wallrock Fibreliner 150

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Wallrock Fibreliner

Wallrock Fibreliner’s high strength and flexibility mean it can cover and reinforce problem surfaces such as cracked plaster or bare plasterboard. It gives an excellent smooth finish for painting or papering and can save you having to replaster old or tired walls.

Fibreliner is breathable and can be applied to new plaster or lime plaster in older buildings.

A mixture of natural and synthetic fibres give Wallrock Fibreliner its durability. It does not contract or expand when wet, meaning there’s no need to soak it before hanging, and as a paste-the-wall product you don’t even need a decorating table. Its stability means it is perfect to use in conjunction with the Wallrock range of insulating wallcoverings to reinforce and prepare the surface.

For best adhesion we recommend Wallrock Power Adhesive, though some other good quality ready mixed adhesives can be used. Avoid using dry paste from a packet.

Key features

  • Strong and durable
  • Does not shrink or expand
  • Paste the wall
  • Excellent surface for paint or paper
  • Allows walls to breathe
  • Quick and easy to hang
  • Dry strippable
  • Fire rated B

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