Wallrock Power Adhesive 5kg

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Wallrock Power Adhesive 5kg

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Wallrock Power adhesive is a high strength interior adhesive ideal for hanging Wallrock Fibreliner, heavy embossed papers, vinyls, blown vinyls, non-woven papers and most other types of wallpaper.

It adheres  to plaster, cement and concrete surfaces and contains fungicide to combat mould.


It is important not to thin this product. A 5kg tub will cover approximately:

5 rolls of vinyl / normal wallpaper

4 rolls of blow vinyl / paste-the-wall paper / Wallrock Fibreliner

3 rolls embossed paper

2 rolls heavy embossed

These are guideline figures only and the manufacturers label should be referred to for specific instruction.



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Manufacturer:  Erfurt Mav

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