Wallrock Thermal Liner Adhesive 5kg

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Wallrock Thermal Liner Adhesive 5kg

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Wallrock thermal liner adhesive is designed for use with insulating lining paper to provide you with an energy-saving interior wall system.
The high-strength adhesive is ready to use and is moisture and mould resistant – contains fungicide.


Wallrock thermal Liner Adhesive can be used on most interior walls and contains a filler that can be used to cover surface imperfections and textures, though major imperfections should be filled and levelled in preparation.

All surfaces should be firm, dry and clean before application.

How much do I need?

5kg is sufficient for two 10m rolls of Insulating lining paper or one roll of Wallrock Thermal Liner.


The room temperature and that of the adhesive should be no less than 10C. generously apply directly to the wall using a deep pile roller, using more paste if the wall is textured or damaged. In areas where the roller can’t reach, suchg as corners, apply using a spatula or notched spreader.

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Manufacturer:  Erfurt Mav

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