Wallrock Thermal Liner and Paste Pack

Wallrock Thermal Liner and Paste Pack

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Wallrock Thermal Liner

Wallrock Thermal Liner is the straightforward and comprehensive way to insulate your home.  Applied to interior walls, Wallrock Thermal Liner can halve the time it takes your room to warm up and significantly decreases heat loss, keeping you in a comfortable environment with much less energy and cutting your heating costs.

Thermal Liner is an easy-to-apply paste the wall product. It is made from 3mm mould resistant synthetic fibres – containing no fibreglass or PVC. It can cover damaged plaster and textured surfaces, providing you with a smooth surface to paint or overhang and reducing the need to skim cracked or tired walls.

The liner has a durable rigid surface when painted which can be reinforced further if overhung.  We recommend Wallrock Fibreliner for maximum durability, although any dimensionally stable liner can be used to overhang.

Wallrock Thermal Liner Adhesive should be used with product as this provides the adhesion to can cope with the weight of the liner.

Paste consumption: 5kg of adhesive per roll.

Dimension: 10m x 0.75m

Key benefits

  • High degree of thermal insulation
  • Resists condensation and mould
  • Covers cracked or damaged plaster easily and saves cost of re-skimming
  • Laminated to lining paper which can be directly painted or overhung
  • Suitable for walls & ceilings
  • Paste-the-wall
  • Contains no PVC
  • Can be removed in one piece

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Product Price Coverage Insulation
Heatsaver £4.95 5m²
Insulating Lining £9.95 5m²  
Wallrock Thermal Lining £40.95 7.5m²      

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